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Did you know our kidneys are amazing?
Our kidneys keep our body composition normal – they remove wastes and excess fluid, regulate ...
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  • Are kidney disease and kidney failure the same thing? - Ong Zhenya
  • Can obesity lead to kidney failure?
    - Mohammad Sharul
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your kidneys?
Have your concerns addressed by our in-house doctor,
Dr Mooppil Nandakumar, Director of Medical Services
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  A Closer Look
  Madam Ivy Tan takes her two dogs for a walk daily and likes to travel to nearby places in Malaysia like Genting Highlands and Malacca. The 55-year-old, who was stricken with kidney failure last year, is on lifelong dialysis.
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"I was moved by an appeal letter from NKF in 1996 of the plight of a needy kidney ..."
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Bringing love, learning about life
Students from the Raffles Institution’s Red Cross Youth (RI Chapter) have been volunteering at NKF’s dialysis ...
"I enjoy my work in making lives better!"
Ms Jieyi Sng, 24, joined NKF as a nurse in August 2017 fresh out of university ...
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