Whatever help you give matters

Ms Jennifer Bay has been regularly donating to NKF since 2013, sponsoring new dialysis machines. She also contributes towards rehabilitation programmes from providing needy kidney patients with basic day-to-day essentials to psychosocial and emotional support, which is a vital part in their road to recovery. She has also roped in her mother, husband, daughter and friends to support the needy.


“If you can make somebody else’s life better, just do it. Every one of us should bring a little part of our hearts to help someone.”

– Jennifer


“My parents were strong influences in my life and were very involved in charity work. I first knew about NKF’s cause from my mum. She had found out that the temple she was helping donated dialysis machines to provide a lifeline to poor kidney patients. It was also something she wished to do. Her desire to help others in need left an indelible impression on me to help the sick and downtrodden who are suffering.

But it was not until my near death experience due to a nagging abdominal pain when I returned to work after giving birth to my daughter that it struck me hard of what it is like truly being sick and the pain, suffering and anguish one has to endure. Having pulled through my ordeal and being given a second chance at life made me realise that everyone in their own way can, and should help others to live their life to the fullest, regardless of the situation they are in. No matter how much the suffering, everybody needs help. What makes me happy is bene tting others in need and making them happy.

Mum also helps to deliver basic essentials to patients’ homes who are struggling to meet the basic needs of daily living. This is another way of helping but more than that, kidney patients need support for their emotional and mental conditions. There will always be people who will try to help them in their social interaction to reintegrate into the community and provide friendship to improve their overall well-being. They must believe that there is this support out there and focus on how they can live their lives better and meaningfully.

I always try to encourage others whom I am in contact with to support a worthy cause and I am happy that many of them have found ful lment in doing this. To me, involving more people means exponential growth.

I am glad that doing my part for the less privileged has rubbed off on my daughter. She came up with the idea of doing origami to sell and donate the money to NKF. She had gathered a group of schoolmates and during their recess time, they would make and sell them to teachers and friends for whatever amount they were comfortable giving. She also donated her birthday “ang bao” money last year as a way of bringing blessings to patients.

While doing business in neighbouring countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar, I have seen the needs of the less fortunate there. So, I am also helping to provide food and amenities to the villages, including building a hospice and schools.

Everyone should try to have a balance by managing their own expectations in life and what they can give to others. As for me, I do not want to lead the rest of my life earning money. It is just a means of survival. Money is the minimum I can help with, as it is the easiest form of donation. When I retire, I hope to devote more of my time doing volunteer work.”


A little can make a big difference


Your donation will be entitled to a tax deduction of
2.5 times the value of your donation.