Peritoneal Dialysis Community Support Services

To enable our PD patients to start well and stay well on PD, NKF provides the following support services to our patients:


I can do housework and go to the market as usual. NKF nurse calls me to ask how I’m coping and if I need any help with my dialysis. It makes me feel assured.

Mdm Chang Bee Ling

1. Pre PD Support

NKF PD nurses visit patients in their homes before the commencement of PD (Pre PD Home Visit) to:

help patients and family members understand and prepare for PD.
assess and plan for the support required by patients when initiating PD.

Based on home conditions, NKF’s HomeAid Service helps to create a PD-safe environment in patients’ homes through minor home modifications/construction, e.g. fixing doors, windows, sinks, taps, etc.

2. Early PD Support

The initial phase of home-based PD is the most challenging when the patients and their families adapt what they have learnt in hospital to the home-based setting. NKF helps them to start well on PD with an extended period of hand- holding (Home adaptation to PD) up to one month with daily home visits or until patients are stable and they and their family members are comfortable to perform the procedure themselves at home.

3. On-going PD Support

NKF PD nurses conduct regular home visits so that any PD-related problems can be identified early and patients can receive timely intervention, thus reducing hospitalisations.


When required, NKF PD nurses also conduct PD re-training at home.

About 50% of NKF PD patients rely on their families or domestic helpers for daily PD. Our supplementary assisted PD service provides short-term PD assistance to relieve the caregivers when needed.

Patients and their families with high psychosocial needs are also monitored by the medical social workers and counselling and assistance are given where necessary.


NKF dietitians provide support for patients in the home, providing personalised nutritional assessment and diet counselling.

We are here to assure you that you are not alone.

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