About Peritoneal Dialysis & Activity Centre

To encourage more patients to choose peritoneal dialysis (PD) and provide more support for PD patients, NKF has set up the NKF Peritoneal Dialysis & Activity Centre at Blk 109 Whampoa Road.

NKF understands that many newly diagnosed kidney patients and their caregivers may be feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of the long-term treatment required, and may also face many fears and uncertainties when choosing PD. Hence, NKF hopes to allay their anxieties and address their concerns regarding PD, and at the same time, provide support so that patients can carry out this home-based treatment independently.

The NKF PD & Activity Centre is a one-stop counselling and support centre for PD patients and their caregivers. It offers structured services and programmes to help patients adapt to PD and deal with any psychosocial issues that they may encounter.

Patients and caregivers can enjoy these services at the NKF PD & Activity Centre:

  • Intermittent PD programme for new patients – instead of doing PD at the hospital, new PD patients can now have intermittent PD at the centre.
  • New patients can receive training on how to carry out PD.
  • Assisted PD and re-training sessions for existing PD patients.
  • Respite care for caregivers – caregivers can take a break or run errands while patients carry out PD at the centre for instead of at home.
  • Nursing care such as simple PD procedures and blood tests.
  • Receive counselling and social support as Medical Social Workers (MSWs) meet patients to provide advice and address issues faced by patients.
  • There is also an activity area where PD patients and their caregivers can interact with one another and participate in various courses and activities organised by NKF, such as exercise classes, health talks, cooking demo, etc.

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The NKF PD Centre is made possible with a $1 million sponsorship by the Raffles Medical Group



For more information on the NKF PD Centre, contact us at 6253 2025 or pd.activity@nkfs.org