NKF Haemodialysis Programme

The NKF runs a public-funded subsidised dialysis programme. It currently provides affordable quality dialysis to needy kidney patients in its purpose-built dialysis centres located islandwide.

The NKF has a system of co-payment wherein patients pay part of their treatment charges, paying different rates depending on their ability to do so. The rest of the charge is subsidised by the NKF, with Ministry of Health’s (MOH) subvention as well as reimbursements from the government’s MediShield and MediSave programmes.


The NKF’s dialysis programme goes beyond mere kidney dialysis. To help our patients cope better with their illness and lead productive and fulfilling lives, the NKF has instituted a spectrum of rehabilitation programmes. These include improving patients’ physical fitness through exercise and fitness programme; taking care of patients’ psycho-social needs through counseling and therapy sessions; educating patients on nutrition; helping patients to be gainfully employed through our Job Connection Programme and lending a listening ear to patients through our Befriender’s Programme.

To maintain high standards in dialysis care, the NKF carries out microbiological analysis on water and dialysate quality bimonthly, conforming to the European, Association for Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI), USA and HSA standard. NKF has always aimed to set a standard above the International standard to achieve best dialysis care for our patients. For instance NKF’s standard limit for TVMC (Total Viable Microbiological Count) is 30 CFU/ml for RO water and dialysate whereas EU standard limit is 100 CFU/ml. The TVMC test is carried out by an external laboratory using the “highest form of testing method” called TGEA (Tryptone Glucose Extract Agar), using temperatures between 20 to 22 degree Celsius with 7 to 10 days incubation.

With the NKF’s dedication to best practices, all the dialysis machines’ dialysate fluid parameters are tested two times a week using in-house electrolyte analyser.

All its dialysis centres have been upgraded from their previous ISO 9002 certification to ISO 9001:2000 certification in 2003.

All the medical equipment goes through strict evaluation by various committees. The evaluation, tender and finance committee assess based on the procurement value while the equipment performance and its quality will then be evaluated by our medical, nursing and biomedical engineering teams. All equipment must be approved by the USA Food and Drug Administration / European Standards (CE) and HSA. They meet or exceed IEC (International Electro technical Commission) 601-1 safety guidelines and the manufactures must have a valid of Certificate of Compliance (ISO 900 or its equivalent) for their production facilities.

NKF Haemodialysis Programme

Please fill up the Haemodialysis Programme Application Form and mail it back to The National Kidney Foundation, 81 Kim Keat Road, Singapore 328836. You can also call our toll-free hotline 1800-KIDNEYS (5436397) or email nkfapplication@nkfs.org for more information.


Download and fill up the Haemodialysis Programme Application form