The "logistics man" - vital to NKF's life-saving mission


Mr Nor Azhar Othman, 50, is a logistics executive. He has been with NKF for 22 years. He is part of the logistics team that helps make the day-to-day operations of NKF tick. Although his job is demanding, he has developed a high level of pride and satisfaction in his work as he feels that he is an important part of the NKF machinery that ultimately gives life and hope to needy kidney patients.



How big is your logistics team? What does your work entail?

There are currently six drivers, two executives (including myself), three storemen and a logistics head in our team. We work closely with all our administration departments and 35 dialysis centres islandwide from collection and delivery of medical supplies to helping out in events logistics, and ferrying patients for their therapy and rehabilitation rain or shine. We have to plan, coordinate and execute each task in a timely manner especially in delivering medication and items that patients require which are crucial for their treatment.

Are there any special experiences that stand out in your mind?

One that comes to mind was during the SARS outbreak in 2003, our team was split into two – one group stationed at HQ and another at our main store for preventive measures. Every day was a challenge to ensure that the collection and delivery of vital medical supplies remain uninterrupted as patients’ lives depend on them. We did our work without fear despite the infection risks for the sake of the patients.

How do you feel working at NKF?

Working here for over 20 years and seeing and understanding what kidney patients go through, I can resonate with NKF’s cause. So, although unrelated to my daily duties, I do take it upon myself to spread the message of caring for the needy and encouraging others to lead healthy lives among family and friends. This is something I feel I must do.


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