The Joys of Friendship and Sharing

Ms Chan Min Li, together with her sister, has been delivering food provisions to Mr Nonis Michael Aloysius for the past three years through the NKF’s Grains of Hope programme. Min Li would like to share with us her experience during the visits.

Volunteering with NKF

Thirty-two-year-old Min Li, a risk management executive, visits the home of Mr Nonis once every two months. She listens and talks to him whenever she is there. Mr Nonis, 61, is a kidney patient under the NKF’s dialysis programme. He has been dialysing at our Serangoon dialysis centre for the past four years.

About two years ago, Mr Nonis was in poor health. Besides afflicted with kidney failure, he suffered three heart attacks and two strokes. He became wheel-chair bound and was living alone with no one to care for him. He was in the darkest moment of his life.


Providing support in times of need

Fortunately, he received help from various organisations like his Church, The Eurasian Association and NKF. Volunteers from these organisations are playing an important role in helping Mr Nonis cope with the emotional and psychological effects of this debilitating disease. Min Li is one of them who have brought support, comfort and companionship to him.

Min Li decided to join NKF as a volunteer after hearing about our Grains of Hope programme, which was launched to help our neediest kidney patients by providing basic food necessities as well as a $60 food voucher once every two months.

“This programme fits into my schedule. Visiting the patient every other month is manageable for me. It is not a mere act of giving provisions. The rapport I share with Mr Nonis is invaluable,” says Min Li.

Forging a meaningful friendship

From stranger to friends, Min Li is willing to go the extra mile to help Mr Nonis. Once, she helped to push him on his wheelchair to attend the year-end party at his dialysis centre.”I really appreciate Min Li’s support and company, says Mr Nonis. “She understands me and this is very important. I will be very upset and sad if she stops volunteering with NKF.”

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