Thankful for a second chance

“Doctors had already told me two years ago that my kidneys were failing but I refused to heed their advice to prepare for dialysis. Eventually, I collapsed and had a heart attack. Back then, I felt that I was already old. At 69 years old, why would I want to put myself through more pain and suffering? I was stubborn and decided to stop going to the doctor.

When I woke up in the hospital, I was filled with remorse when I saw how worried my husband and sons were. I thought about my grandson, who was diagnosed with leukaemia when he was just 4. He suffered so much pain but never once shed a tear over his condition. Instead, we were the ones crying! He had so much courage even at such a young age. I felt ashamed when I thought about how I had wanted to give up. My grandson, now 21, told me to stay strong and to fight this disease.

When I was discharged, I decided that I wanted to live a purposeful life. My health was also much better once I began receiving quality dialysis treatment from NKF. I have more energy and feel much livelier. There are many activities to engage us at the dialysis centre. I attend the art classes and exercise sessions every week! I have developed close friendships with my fellow patients and nurses. Having to live with kidney failure is not easy and many patients despair at their condition. That was one of the reasons why I decided to become a patient volunteer. I visit other dialysis centres to befriend patients and offer them moral support. I think it is easier for them to relate to me because I am just like them, a kidney patient.”

– Mdm Aw Ah Moy



我现在的人生目标非常简单: 认识更多人,帮助他们在生活中做出积极的改变。我非常感激支持NKF的善心人士,让我能够继续接受洗肾治疗,延续生命。我和我的家人都非常珍惜这第二次宝贵的机会。”

– 欧珍因

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