Ad-hoc Events


Volunteers may help in various roles including pre-event support, logistics support, ushering, crowd control, flyers distribution, photographer, etc

Corporate Services

  • SATA Free X-ray Services
  • Tzu Chi Free Medical Services

  • Tzu Chi Free Dental Services
  • SmartLab® tuition
  • Aaxonn Pte Ltd



Computer Classes

Computer classes are a form of exposure classes for patients to learn about advanced technologies and explore the basic functions of a computer. NKF is collaborating with School of Information Technology, Nanyang Polytechnic, as well as IDA Mobile Lab on Wheels.


The NKF Health for Life Day is a day where patients gather together for an exercise event organised by the Exercise & Fitness Department, supported by the Volunteer Management Department. NKF has been collaborating with Nanyang Polytechnic – Diploma in Sports and Wellness Management Programme – to carry out functional fitness tests, which is a form of clinical assessment for patients to understand their functional fitness level. This allows the Exercise Specialists to design exercise programme specific to the needs of the patients.

Pet Therapy

Studies have shown that animals are a good source of therapy as they bring laughter and create more social interaction among patients. NKF has been collaborating with CATS (Cat-Assisted Therapy Singapore) to help ail patients in a medically beneficial way to take advantage of the human-animal interaction for purpose of relaxation and healing.

Festive Parties

During festive seasons such as Chinese New Year and Christmas, dialysis centres may be opened on a Sunday for corporate volunteers who would like to organise a party to celebrate with the patients and staff nurses. This project aims to bring warmth and love to the patients with a pipeline of activities to engage them.



House Cleaning/Painting

Some of our needy patients require help in cleaning their houses as they may have mobility issues with limited or no caregiver support.

Corporate volunteers can carry out a one-off cleaning or painting session for our patients and at the same time, build team-spirit and bonding amongst one another. 


Patient Outings


Our patients are at the dialysis centre 3 times a week for 4 hours each session, hence it would be a refreshing change if they could go for outings to enhance their quality of life and explore new experiences outside their homes and dialysis centres. The outings will also serve as a great time for corporate staffs to bond with our patients and let them know that people are standing alongside them to bring cheer during their difficult times.

Corporate volunteers can sponsor the costs of organising such outings, which will be used for transport, entrance fees, refreshments, and/or games and lucky draw prizes.

Interactive Sessions with Patients

Our corporate volunteers can bring joy and fun to the patients at the dialysis centres by mingling with them during tea time, providing entertainment with interactive games to engage them while they are on their dialysis treatment, which lasts for approximately 4 hours each session. This project aims to provide them with company and let them feel comforted during the long treatment hours.


Trainings/ Workshops

Groups/organisations with skills may conduct trainings or workshops to enrich our patients and/or volunteers. Examples include IT training and caregiving skills, etc.