NKF’s volunteer programme, Circle of Hearts, was launched on 26 June 2007. Formed to provide dialysis patients with a listening ear and emotional support, it has now become pivotal in helping them cope in their rehabilitation journey through various programmes. From volunteering activities held in dialysis centres during patients’ dialysis treatments to help them lower their burden of treatment, to sponsored outings to places of interest so that patients can spend quality family time with their loved ones, our volunteers’ footprints can be found everywhere.

You, too, can give Life & Hope to our patients by volunteering with us. Join us to help them cope better in their battles against kidney failure now!

Volunteer Programmes

Administrative Support

Help us achieve operational efficiencies by rendering us with Administrative Support backend.

  • Date: Any day between Monday and Friday
  • Time: Between 9am and 5pm
  • Venue: NKF Centre

Befriending Sessions in Dialysis Centres

A listening ear, a word of encouragement and a smile are all it takes to brighten our patients’ day. Help fill their hearts with hope and lighten their burden of treatment now!

  • Date: Any day between Monday and Saturday
  • Time:
    – 8am to 10am OR
    – 1pm to 3pm OR
    – 6pm to 8pm
    (Note: Time may vary, depending on dialysis centre chosen)
  • Venue: Click here for the list of dialysis centres available for visits
  • No. of Volunteers: Maximum 15


You can help us enrich our patients’ lives by teaching them a new skill or share with them your passion and hobbies.

  • Day, Time & Venue: Flexible


You can help us make our events a success by rendering your help as a booth assistant, usher, photographer and so on.

For a preview to upcoming events, click here.

Grains of Hope

Walk our patients out of social isolation by extending your gift of friendship through this home intervention programme. Be our eyes and ears by partnering us in providing better care for our patients.


  1. Programme is on a case referral basis
  2. All home visits must be conducted in pairs
  3. Volunteers will be matched to referred patients based on geographical location, spoken language and other set requirements, if any

Home Aid

Help provide our patients with a clean and comfortable living environment with your hearts and hands now!


  1. Programme is on a case referral basis
  2. Date and time of sessions are dependent on patients’ health condition and availability

Patients' Day Out

Organise and sponsor an outing for our patients to allow them the chance to visit places of interest and spend quality time with their loved ones. Help them create beautiful memories and bring them new experiences and joy through your generosity now!

  • Day, Time & Venue: Flexible 

Patient Escort

Be a Patient Escort and help our patients gain access to medical treatments that are pivotal in enabling them to live a reasonable quality life.


  1. Programme is on a case referral basis
  2. Volunteers are only required to escort patients either to their dialysis centre from home or to their home from the dialysis centre
  3. For escort requests to hospitals, volunteers would be requested to accompany patients for the entire duration of the hospital visits
  4. Volunteers with vehicles are preferred but not mandated

Corporate/School Volunteerism

We welcome corporate and school volunteers to form groups to volunteer with us too!

Get in touch with us via volunteer@nkfs.org now!