Suggestions on gifts for dialysis patients

Suggestion on Gifts for Dialysis Patients


Have friends/relatives on dialysis? Wondering what to buy for them during special occasions (birthdays, festive celebrations, gatherings, etc)? Be worry-free! Even though a person on dialysis need to control their diet (including fluid intake), there are many gifts that are very beneficial to them.

A. Food Category

Food is essential for everyone and dialysis patients need to watch out for nutrients like protein, phosphate, potassium, fluid and carbohydrates (if he is diabetic) on top of others.


  • Remind your friend to carry out their routine blood test and share the joy with their loved ones.
  • Eat everything in moderation

1. Antioxidant- booster fruit basket

You are giving them antioxidants and fibre together. Choose low, moderate or high potassium fruit according to their needs.

Low Potassium Moderate potassium High potassium
Apple, blueberry, dragon fruit, grape, guava, lemon, lime, longan, mangosteen, pear, pineapple, waterapple, watermelon Cherry, chiku, lychee, duku, langsat, orange, papaya, peach, plum, strawberry, raspberry, tangerine Apricot, avocado pears, banana, honeydew, jackfruit, mango, kiwi, prunes, custard apple, nectarine, pomegranate, fig, dates, dried fruit, soursop


2. Power snack

Savoury Category (Protein & Energy Booster) Sweet Category (Energy booster)
Egg tart, chicken curry puff, chicken pau, chicken pie, chicken bun, tuna bun, chicken wrap, chicken roll, chicken/mutton kebab, chicken/mutton tikka, chicken dumplings, chicken/tuna/egg sandwich, lean meat satay (with minimal peanut gravy). Pineapple tart, muffin (avoid choosing nuts and chocolate), steamed cake, chiffon cake, wafer(avoid chocolate flavoured).


  • It would be much better if you could bake the cake or muffin for them as you can further cut down the sugar and fat content. You can replace baking powder with cream of tatar and baking soda
  • Hot food need to be served hot while cold food need to be served cold. Make sure there is sufficient storage period if you want to give frozen food or convenient food.




3. Exotic protein booster

Bird’s nest, sea cucumber and abalone provide a good source of protein and they are low in potassium and phosphate.



4. Drinks and beverages (Suggested Serving Size: 100-250ml Individual Pack)

Mineral water, tea bag, barley drink, Chinese tea, tea without milk, coffee without milk, sugar cane juice, chrysanthemum tea, syrup, lemon juice, lemon soda, pudding made with non-dairy creamer, unfortified rice milk.

* Because dialysis patients have reduced ability to pass urine, it is important for them to limit their fluid intake.

B. Non-Food Category

1. Kitchen ware may be a good helper to encourage dialysis patients to eat healthy and nutritious meals at home.

  • a. Toaster
  • b. Electrical steamer pot/cooker
  • c. Non-stick pan
  • d. Slow cooker
  • e. Insulated lunch box
  • f. Storage container
  • g. Measuring bottle (500ml)
  • h. Thermo flask (250ml)


If your friends/relatives on dialysis need further information, do encourage them to contact their doctor, nurse or dietitian.


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