Strengthen your muscles and prevent falls

Strengthen your muscles and prevent falls

People start losing muscle mass when they hit 50. This condition is known as Sarcopenia, which makes the elderly more prone to falls. We strongly recommend the ‘Sit-to-Stand’ exercise for maintaining muscle mass and improving stability and balance. Patient Mr Ong Yong Hock, who is 87-years-old this year, does it regularly to strengthen his muscles and reduce his fall risk.

Perform 1 to 3 sets of 15 repetitions. Though simple, the steps must be executed in a smooth, controlled manner.

Progress gradually. Begin by doing 1 set, slowly increasing to 3 sets.



Start Position

Sit on a sturdy chair, legs shoulders’ width apart. Keep your back straight and arms pressed against your chest.


2 Rise to a full standing position. When sitting back down, push hips backwards and squat close to the seat. Once seated, return back to the start position.