Son Gives Dad a New Lease of Life

Mr Lee Geok Thiam, 61, had to start dialysis in 2012 after his kidneys failed due to diabetes. Not only was dialysis inconvenient, Geok Thiam also suffered from vascular-related complications and fistula blockage, leading to frequent hospitalisations and eventually, an operation. Not bearing to see their father go through the pain of dialysis, his three children offered to donate their kidneys to him, and his eldest son Daryl was found to be the best match.

Daryl, 37, said, “I wanted to donate a kidney to my father as I did not want to see him having to go for dialysis three times a week and suffering the pain and discomfort that come with dialysis and kidney failure.” He was determined to give his father a better quality of life.

Geok Thiam was initially apprehensive about the transplant lee-geok-thiamand also found the costs daunting. Fortunately, Daryl was able to apply for NKF’s Kidney Live Donor Support Fund, which removed their financial burden.

“The transplant has not affected my life and as for my dad his quality of life has improved greatly since the transplant.” – Daryl

One of the changes Geok Thiam appreciates the most after the transplant is greater mobility.  Before the transplant, he had difficulty walking due to swelling in his legs. After the transplant, he is able to walk without any difficulty.

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