Exercise with NKF

At NKF, we understand the importance of exercise. Since you have found yourself on this page, we believe you know the importance too!

The Exercise and Fitness department runs patients’ exercise and rehabilitation programmes. We believe that engaging in physical exercise helps to improve health and the quality of life. Exercising can reap benefits in the areas of cardio-respiratory, muscle-skeletal, metabolic and psychological, which enable individuals to optimise their functional capacity and minimise de-conditioning.

Collaborations with external partners, allied health and fitness professionals have been established to further enhance our exercise framework. One of our partners is EIMS, the Singapore’s chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine’s (ACSM) global ‘Exercise is Medicine’ initiative. Together with EIMS, we have a joint vision to make physical activity and exercise as a standard part of disease prevention and treatment.

To get you started, we have customised exercises that are designed to suit your ability and needs! Regardless of the stage of life you are in, we encourage you to include exercise as part of your daily routine!