Our Unsung Hero

For her tireless work in caring for the sick and needy, Junmei received the prestigious Healthcare Humanity Award 2017 from Mr Gan Kim Yong, Minister for Health

Ms Wang Junmei has been with NKF for the past 18 years. The senior medical social worker combines and caring and cheerful disposition with diligence in providing all-round care to a multitude of emotional, psychological, social and financial issues faced by patients and their families.

Relentless work

While NKF’s medical team provides clinical treatment and care to patients, medical social workers like Junmei help them cope with their illness, job instability, financial burden and family discord. Junmei also works with hospital teams and social welfare agencies to provide support to needy patients. Her challenging work as a front-liner and the more than 30,000 hours she has ground out thus far to care for her patients, exemplify her dedication and compassion in rebuilding and transforming lives.

Above and beyond

Junmei has many heartwarming stories to share. One that stands out was when she journeyed with a patient who was a single mum caring for her blind and deaf son. Understanding that the patient did not want to place her son in a nursing home as he was injured previously, Junmei persevered and sourced for funding support. After great efforts and much coordinated care, the patient now goes for her dialysis treatment with a peace of mind knowing that her son is well cared for.

Always responsive

Many of her cases may seem run-of-the-mill, but Junmei listens to them, shares their joys and sorrows and is responsive to their needs. Making a difference little by little, day-in and day-out to those who are downtrodden matters greatly to her, as it ultimately has an impact on their road to recovery. Indeed, Junmei’s role epitomises the work of a medical social worker at NKF – our silent crusaders who strive on with passion to give needy kidney patients support, hope and the belief that they can make it in life.


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