Little/ Young Champs

Little/Young Champs


LITTLE CHAMPS and YOUNG CHAMPS are programmes offered to schools at no cost as part of NKF’s efforts to spread knowledge on kidney disease and prevention as well as develop compassion and social entrepreneurship among young leaders and students.

These programmes are aimed at strengthening the abilities of the younger generation and inspiring them to make a difference in the community.

Using the 3Es (Empathy, Education, Enterprise) to challenge students beyond the usual classroom learning, we will help refine and build their social and emotional competencies and leadership skills.



A.K. is a lifeline to kidney patients undergoing haemodialysis treatments. A.K.s are essential to help filter waste and excess fluid during patients’ lifelong treatments and can only be reused for about a month by one patient.

Entry requirements:
  • LITTLE CHAMPS – Upper Primary students
  • YOUNG CHAMPS – Secondary and Tertiary students
  • The programmes can be customised to suit the needs of students, teachers and various schools


  • Certificate of Participation


  • Click here for the Champs Registration form

For enquiries, please email to, or call 1800-KIDNEYS (5436397).