Life is sweet… With these easy-to-follow tips!

Life is sweet… With these easy-to-follow tips!


Excessive calories from sugar and fat in our daily diet especially sweetened drinks and snacks result in unwanted weight gain, which put us at higher risk of developing diabetes, the leading cause of kidney failure. Each time when you are having desserts, why not consider sharing it with your loved ones to reduce overall sugar and calories intake?

1. Don’t drink your calories

Sweetened drinks are a significant source of empty calories, which will lead to weight gain and high blood sugar levels. Cut down on sugared drinks and instead, reach out for that glass of plain water, it is ZERO calories!


2. Go for wholesome food

Make it a point to choose products without nutrition labels like fresh meat, produce and other whole foods when grocery shopping. Avoid picking up processed food which is high in added sugar and sodium level. Make better food choices by opting to make your own meals at the comfort of your home!


3. Combine games and exercise

Hula your way to health in your own living room with video game consoles like the Kinect for Xbox 360, PlayStation, or Nintendo Wii Fit. Play games that promote fitness to offset the extra calories! The trick is to inject fun into your daily physical activities. Choose your preferred motivation to make exercise more fun and meaningful for the whole family!


4. Have a balanced breakfast

The average cereal contains about 24g of sugar per bowl. That’s almost your entire daily intake! Many yoghurts also contain added sugar, so opt for Greek Yogurt or other low sugar options.


5. Be saucy about sugar

Sauces and condiments contain a huge amount of added sugar. Always consume in moderation and be smart about choosing your sauces. Read the label when grocery shopping and choose the lowest salt and sugar levels you can find and enjoy!


6. Get more sleep

To fight off that hunger pang, get sufficient sleep! When you deprive yourself of sleep, your hunger hormone, ghrelin, increases, while your ‘I’m full!’ hormone, leptin, decreases. The better balanced these two hormones are, the less likely you are to experience cravings.


7. Get your family involved

Get your family on board and be motivated to keep this going! The more people involved, the more likely you will meet your goals and make this a long-term commitment.


8. Half your cake, and eat it too!

There is no need to eliminate desserts completely. One good way to cut portion in half is to share a plate of dessert with your loved ones or friends!