Kidney Health Education Buses


The NKF kidney health education buses, K-MOVEAT and K-FORCE, aims to guide students on the right path to healthier eating and living habits by bringing preventive health care to the doorsteps of schools.

Equipped with interactive exhibits and augmented reality technology activities, the buses make understanding kidney diseases and its preventive measures fun!

The buses are specially designed to support different educational levels. Hop on board now to discover how K-MOVEAT and K-FORCE would be the best fit for your students.


Target Audience: Secondary School and Tertiary Students

K-MOVEAT combines learning with augmented reality (AR) technology for a 3-dimensional learning experience. Using a smartphone or tablet, users can explore the kidney’s anatomy and discover facts about exercise and nutrition through interactive AR games and content. In today’s dynamic day and age, K-MOVEAT’s AR content makes understanding kidney diseases and its preventive measures fun and engaging!


Target Audience: Primary School Students

K-FORCE is equipped with age-appropriate and interactive exhibits which enhances learning and play for Primary School students. Through exciting games and activities, students learn about kidney diseases, treatment options and the importance of leading a healthier lifestyle.

The bus will be available for booking by schools during the weekdays from 8am to 1pm.

Click here for the K-MOVEAT booking form.

Click here for the K-FORCE booking form.

For enquiries, please email to, or call 1800-KIDNEYS (5436397).