Kidney Discovery Centre

Kidney Discovery Centre

The Kidney Discovery Centre (KDC) showcases exciting and interactive hands-on exhibits where visitors can learn about the kidneys, the plight of kidney patients, their physical and dietary constraints and the emotional trauma they have to face in coping with kidney failure.

NKF strongly believes that early education on the functions of the kidneys, kidney disease and the treatment of kidney failure should be instituted for the young people of Singapore, so that the myths and mysteries of these conditions can be clarified at a young age and outside the immediate ambit of a major illness.

In the long term, it is hoped that the public would be better informed of kidney disease and its treatment so that they can do their part in preventing kidney failure as well as understand and support those who may develop kidney failure



  • Functions of kidney
  • Causes of kidney failure
  • Treatments available
  • Lifestyle changes of kidney patients
  • The NKF Heritage

Subject Relevance:

  • Health Education
  • Science and Biology
  • Character and Citizenship Education

Target groups:

  • Upper primary students
  • Secondary students
  • Tertiary students

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