“I survived 28 years on dialysis because I’m strong-willed."

“In 1989, I was diagnosed with lupus (when the immune system in one’s body attacks the tissues and organs) which caused me to have kidney failure two years later. I was devastated. I was only 16 and still in school. I wanted to die. But my mum told me not to give up hope and that she will help me through my ordeal. I underwent dialysis for two years at the hospital and then I got a place at NKF’s subsidised dialysis programme.

Due to my lupus, my veins are small, so I have been having problems with my fistula, which connects an artery and a vein to create a permanent access point to allow a large flow of blood to carry out my dialysis. Due to this, I have had to keep creating new access points and undergo angioplasty procedures to widen my vein over the years. With the quality treatment and the support from the caring nurses, I became stronger emotionally and mentally, and I was able to continue working.

I am very thankful to the caring people who support me through NKF. I take one day at a time, take care of myself and keep praying. To me, every problem can be solved, whether it’s fast or slow.”

Madam Noraidah Hafid, 43
who keeps going on despite her challenges