Hungry kidneys on the move

Our students were given the opportunity to play with virtual food and sports by using game-based learning strategies during our Health Week. In this way, they gained knowledge about nutrition and kidney health in a fun and interactive environment.

– Mr Lee Kok Leong
Subject Head for Physical Education at Bukit Batok Secondary School, the first school K-MOVEAT visited


K-MOVEAT is NKF’s new Kidney Health Education Bus that is powered by augmented reality (AR) technology to elevate students’ exploration and learning experience of kidney health. The bus is designed like a food truck and the NKF SG app brings the café-like interior of the bus to life. Students can interact with their environment and objects by simply pointing the smartphone or tablet at them.

K-MOVEAT aims to inculcate healthy eating and lifestyle habits in the young by bringing preventive healthcare to the doorsteps of tertiary schools and institutions. NKF’s first kidney health bus K-Force, which was launched in 2014, reaches out to primary school students.


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