Hope Revived

Mr Sng Chin Leong, 65, was devastated when his son, Yee Hwui, was diagnosed with kidney failure at the age of 17. Although Yee Hwui did not complain, Chin Leong was aware of the toll kidney failure and dialysis took on his son.

Chin Leong had decided from the start he would donate a kidney to Yee Hwui. He felt no fear for himself at all.  All he wanted was for his son to regain his health and have a new lease of life. “He is my son. Who will save him if I don’t?”


As the transplant fees were hefty, Chin Leong was relieved to received assistance from NKF’s Kidney Live Donor Support Fund, which covered the cost of his annual health check-ups and more importantly for him, the one-time reimbursement for loss of income. He said, “As I would not be able to drive my taxi temporarily after the transplant, the $1,500 reimbursement was very helpful.’

“Before the transplant while he was still on dialysis, he was very quiet and more withdrawn.  Now he seems much more happier and talks more.” – Chin Leong

Ye Hwui recovered quickly after the transplant. He graduated from his course at Singapore Polytechnic and nine months later after the transplant, he found a job. After working for some time, he decided to further his studies. Now 25, Yee Hwui is studying biotechnology at MDIS and will be graduating in 2017.

He has also gotten back to a zest for life, becoming and active person his parents used to know and resuming his favourite activities. Above all, it warmed Chin Leong’s heart to see Yee Hwui becoming a lot more cheerful after the transplant.

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