Holiday Eating Tips For Haemodialysis patient

Holiday Eating Tips for Haemodialysis Patient

  • Look over the choices. Remember that bites and bits add up.
  • Focus on protein rich foods like meat, fish, chicken, eggs and some soy products
  • Eat a variety and everything in moderation
  • Do not skip your meals as you will end up eating more later.


Control your potassium level

High potassium levels are the most dangerous complication of not following your diet closely. It will stop your heart from pumping!!

Control your intake from one treatment until the next to prevent your blood potassium level from going too high.

Holiday_02If you plan to have high potassium food at your holiday dinner, do not eat other potassium rich foods until you have been dialysed again.

Holiday_03When eating out or partying, select low potassium foods and only “sample” high ones for taste.

Maintain your phosphate level within the normal range


 Remember to bring your phosphate binders with you where ever you go.

 Leave the chocolates, nuts, cheese and bak kwa for others.

 Take your binder together with all food including snacks containing phosphate.

 Look over the choices and choose more of low phosphate food.

 If you are eating much larger portions than usual, you will need more binders.

 Spread out your binder if you are eating over a long period of time.


Spice up your holiday, save up your fluid

Every year someone in the centre goes into congestive heart failure by getting too much salt and liquid during the holidays.

  • Plan ahead. If you are drinking more at the function, drink less before and after.
  • Keep fluid gain controlled prior to the function so you are starting out at your dry weight and not already fluid overloaded
  • When eating out, ask for less salt or without salt.


  • Soups, gravies, ice cream, agar-agar and dessert soups are FLUIDS too.
  • Sip on beverages and keep track on how many glasses you have drank.
  • If diabetic, keep your sugar control to decrease thirst.
  • Avoid snacks and titbits that are salty.


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