Go healthy with your home cooked meals!

Apart from diabetes, high blood pressure is the other leading cause of kidney failure in Singapore. A high sodium diet increases the risk of high blood pressure (hypertension). Therefore, the recommended daily intake of sodium is 2,000mg per day. This equates to approximately 1 teaspoon of salt.

In line with this year’s World Kidney Day theme “Kidneys & Women’s Health”, we aim to empower women to prepare healthier, low sodium home cooked meals for their families. Most people do not realise that bottled sauces and seasonings have high sodium content. Here are some of the common sauces and seasonings used at home, and their sodium content per 1 tablespoon:


Did you know?

Singaporeans take an average of 8.3g of salt daily, which is 60% more than the recommended daily intake.




Oyster sauce


Reduce salt soy sauce


Stock powder/cube


Light soy sauce


Dark soy sauce



Tips to reduce sodium content

  • When cooking, always taste your food before adding more salt or seasonings
  • Opt for fresh food ingredients instead of processed food (e.g. prickles, ham, deli meats, sausages, canned food, etc)
  • Substitute flavourings with natural flavours such as herbs and spices, garlic, onion, ginger or lemon juice
  • Opt for sauces and seasonings labelled with the “Lower in Sodium” healthier choice symbol. Use it sparingly
  • When shopping, compare products using the Nutrition Information Panel and choose those with lower sodium content “per 100ml” or “per 100g”