Gift of Love


“Transplant has made a great difference to Bee Leng’s life. She is transformed from a person who was sickly and frequently hospitalised to someone who is healthy and can enjoy life to the fullest.” – Chai Lai

Ms Chua Bee Leng, 48, never thought she would be free from the pain of dialysis and illness. For more than ten years, she suffered from many side effects of dialysis. She had blocked blood vessels and had to undergo several operations to create a fistula in different parts of her arms and wrists. She also suffered serious infections and was in a lot of pain.

It was during the last hospitalisation when Bee Leng’s boyfriend, Mr Ng Chai Lai, 48, decided to donate his kidney to her. He said, “Bee Leng’s hospitalisations became more and more frequent. The doctor said that without a transplant, she would have to undergo dialysis for the rest of her life. These words triggered me to start considering donating a kidney to her.”

Bee Leng was profoundly touched when Chai Lai told her that he would be her kidney donor. She said, “I was ecstatic. The last 10 years had been so difficult and painful for me and a new kidney would give me a new lease of life.”  For almost five years after starting dialysis, Bee Leng was unable to work because of the frequent infections and hospitalisations. She also felt tired easily. The possibility of receiving a new kidney gave her a a glimpse of hope that she could lead a normal life in the future.

The transplant was very impactful for Bee Leng. Her quality of life has improved greatly since then. She is now able to work and even engage in exercises such as slow jogging and brisk walking. Like Chai Lai, she is also careful to follow a healthy diet.  The couple, who plans to get married within the next two years, enjoys taking Bee Leng’s pet dogs for walks and spend time watching television together when they are not working.

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