Did you know these interesting facts about nurses?

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Did you know these interesting facts about nurses?

  • start date 01 Aug 2017
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Nurses are often described as the next best thing to angels. Singapore celebrates Nurses’ Day on 1 August every year to honour and recognise the invaluable contributions of nurses who are committed to providing round-the-clock care for the sick. While their dedication, compassion and tender care are commonly known to us, here are some interesting facts you may want to know!


Nurses’ Day
Other countries celebrate Nurses’ Day on 12 May, the birthday of Florence Nightingale.


The first nursing uniform consisted of a dress, an apron and a cap, derived from the nun’s habit, as they provided care to the sick and injured prior to the foundation of modern nursing in the 19th century.


Traditionally, nurses wore white so soldiers can better differentiate nurses from servants, cooks and laundresses in the civil war era.


Healthcare in Singapore
More than 50% of the total healthcare personnel in Singapore are nurses, the backbone of the the healthcare industry


Nursing Population
There are about 30,000 registered nurses in Singapore, a steady increase since 2010