Dangers of uncontrolled diabetes

Dangers of uncontrolled diabetes

  • start date 01 Nov 2019
  • end date 01 Nov 2019
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Diabetes is a disease that will affect you from top to toe. Poorly controlled diabetes can lead to blindness, heart attack, amputation and damage to the kidneys. In fact, uncontrolled diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure in Singapore. However, not all diabetics will have kidney failure. With medication and strict adherence to a healthy, well-balanced diet, the risks of developing kidney failure are reduced.

Uncontrolled diabetes may accelerate the deterioration of the kidneys due to the following:

  • High blood sugar makes your kidneys work harder
  • This may damage the tiny filtering units (nephrons) in your kidneys in the long run
  • Your kidneys begin to leak protein (albumin) into your urine instead of keeping it in your blood
  • The damage is permanent and gets worse with time, leading to more fluid and toxic wastes staying in the blood instead of being passed out into your urine


Did you know?

World Diabetes Day creates awareness on diabetes as a serious health concern globally and is held on 14 November each year. Diabetes is largely treatable and preventable. Protect your loved ones by reminding them to be mindful of their daily sugar intake and to go for regular health screenings.