“I Have to Go Through This Agony for the Rest of My Life”

For 66-year-old Madam Kwan Bee Choo, going through dialysis thrice weekly, four hours each time, is a long, tiring and painful process. Each time the needle is inserted into her arm, she closes her eyes and cringes. She has to undergo dialysis for the rest of her life.
312 needles - The number of needles inserted per patient per year. 624 hours* -  How long the needles stay in a patient's fistula annually.

I did not take good care of my health and have been suffering from diabetes for many, many years which eventually led to kidney failure. There is no turning back the clock. I can’t undo this illness. It is only because of caring people that support me through NKF that encourages me to keep going.

Madam Kwan Bee Choo, who started dialysis
since November 2014
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