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NKF Connect - March 2015 Cover Story
New Yishun Dialysis Centre A Welcome Relief
Mr Randy Wee, 68, had been travelling from his home in Yishun to NKF’s dialysis centre in Ang Mo Kio thrice weekly for treatment because the NKF’s dialysis centre in Yishun was full with a long waiting list. Needing a wheelchair after losing his ...
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A Family’s Love
On entering Madam Sarbanon Binti Buang’s home, it is difficult not to notice the rows of family portraits on the wall of her living room. Her husband, Mr Mohd Yassin, is proud to point out his children and granddaughter in the ...
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Charity Musical Benefits Peritoneal Dialysis Patients
NKF presented our Charity Musical “Titoudao” to do more for Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) patients and increase awareness of this treatment as a good alternative to ...
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Rising from the Ashes
Mr Darren Lee, 27, was born with very small kidneys. In fact, they were so small that they could not be detected through ultrasound. In 2001, when he was 13, symptoms of kidney failure surfaced ...
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Patient Compliments
Staff at NKF continue striving to provide the best support and care to our patients. Here are some compliments from our patients ...
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Get “Sihat” with GSSG
Geng Sihat SG, a movement started by a group of doctors and other professionals to promote healthy living in the Malay community, organised its first event, “Get Sihat with GSSG” (sihat means ...
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Inculcating Healthy Habits in the Young
NKF thanked schools for partnering us to inculcate social and health values in their students during our School Appreciation Day at the NKF Centre on 9 February 2015. We have been ...
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Healthy, Tasty Treat
Contrary to the belief that healthy dishes are tasteless and hence, not as enticing as unhealthy ones, there are many recipes involving fresh, low calorie ingredients which are not only beneficial to health, but also ensure that ...
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Entrepreneur does his part to help needy kidney patients
Mr Christopher Tan, 39, did not let his lack of education hamper him. Instead, it served as a motivating factor to propel him forward in his career. He single-handedly ...
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“Because of you, dad!”
Kidney transplant provides kidney failure patients the best long-term survival and quality of life. It is the most optimal solution to kidney failure. The transplanted kidney can subsititute almost fully the ...
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