Did you know that 2 in 3 cases of kidney failure in Singapore are due to diabetes?

Singapore ranks 1st worldwide for diabetes-induced kidney failure. 66% of kidney failure cases are caused by diabetes

Sweet like honey
“Diabetes” comes from the Greek word for “siphon”, and implies that a lot of urine is made. The second term, “mellitus” comes from the Latin word, “mel” which means “honey”, and was used because the urine was sweet

1552 B.C.
The first known mention of diabetes symptoms was in 1552 B.C., when Hesy-Ra, an Egyptian physician, documented frequent urination as a symptom of a mysterious disease that also caused emaciation (weight loss)

The number of diabetics in Singapore by 2050!

Frederick Banting, a physician in Canada, and his team used insulin to successfully treat a diabetic patient in 1922 and he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine the following year

World Diabetes Day
creates awareness of diabetes as a serious health concern globally, and that it is largely treatable and preventable. This date was chosen because it is the birthday of Frederick Banting