Creating good memories

“Despite my mother’s reservations, I pursued my dream and joined the nursing profession in 1991. Little did I know then that one day, my training as a nurse would come in handy.

As my parents became frailer in old age, I took on the role of a caregiver, taking up jobs with flexible working hours so that I could devote more time to care for them. After my father passed away in 2010, my mother became weaker and her

Ms Angie Go Geok Buay caregiver of a kidney patient kidneys eventually failed because of diabetes and hypertension. Due to her multiple conditions and is being prone to falls, I stopped work to care for her full-time.

Although I had not been a nurse for many years, all my training and skills as a nurse turned out to be very useful indeed. Being a fulltime caregiver is not easy because it is not just about taking care of my mother’s physical needs. People often comment that they are amazed by the things I do for her, but it is not a big deal to me or a sad thing. We have many moments of joy like going out together sometimes. One of the things we enjoy doing most is to sing and read the Bible together. My greatest wish is that at the end of her life, I will not have any regrets and that we will only have good memories of each other.”

Ms Angie Go Geok Buay
caregiver of a kidney patient

Taking more than a year to complete, NKF produced a book “Love Triumphs”, a collection of 13 real-life stories written by NKF caregivers that captures their struggles to find peace, strength and purpose in the face of adversities – nine of whom are aged between 19 and 25. The book was launched by Minister Chan Chun Sing at NKF’s 50th anniversary charity dinner on 31 May 2019.

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