Executive Committee

Mr Koh Poh Tiong

Mr Johnny Heng PBM

Mr Jerry Koh

Mr Arthur Lang

The appointment of the Executive Committee (EXCO), is approved by the Board, assists the Board in overseeing the operations of NKF. It has the responsibility to administer affairs of the charity on behalf of the Board in emergency or on-demand activities that occur between Board meetings, which shall be presented later for full Board review.

EXCO assumes an independent and advisory role to provide guidance and oversight to the NKF Management on operations of the charity.

It assists the Board in providing direction and strategy for the charity such that the programmes and services are aligned with its vision and mission, and that they remain relevant to the changing landscape and evolving needs. It also assists the board in reviewing and ensuring good governance and management for the effective and efficient performance and operation of the charity, and make recommendations to the Board where appropriate.

EXCO serves to keep the Board fully informed on the affairs of the charity and where appropriate, refer certain matters to the Board for approval.