Our People, Our Stories

Let us start a fresh page together.

For 50 years, The National Kidney Foundation has fostered an indelible bond with the communities in Singapore, working together with the purpose of educating the community and delivering affordable, sustainable and quality renal care to needy patients. We are committed to cultivating a conducive and vibrant work environment to make this a great place for our competent and diverse employees to work in.

‘Our People, Our Stories’ chronicles the experiences that our people have accumulated over the years of working in NKF. Hear from our people regarding their journeys in NKF.


Derlinder Kaur

Working at NKF as an Exercise Specialist provides opportunities for me to learn more about kidney diseases and the challenges that kidney patients face in their daily lives. I customise exercises for the patients to maintain their muscle mass so that they can carry out their daily activities without difficulties. When I see patients perform exercise moves that they had thought to be impossible initially, I get a sense of pride. My patients’ perseverance and resilience, despite their limitations, never fails to inspire me as I look forward to work every day because of the possibilities of what we can achieve together.

Allied Health Services

Mohamed Naser Bin Zainol

I have to say that it has been a very enriching journey in NKF, since I have joined the organisation in July 2015. To me, NKF is the epitome of a supportive and vibrant organisation, that has provided me with many opportunities to grow both professionally and personally. What I like most about NKF, is its ability to accurately identify the strength of its employees and its willingness to provide enough resources to harness and align this potential to NKF’s outcomes. This synergy has allowed me to tailor fit my strengths in a way that benefit the organisation as well as my personal development.

Community Care

Lee Mui Suan Cassandra

I educate patients on choosing a renal-friendly diet and the health signs that patients need to take note of, based on their blood test results and food diary. I feel that I am doing a meaningful job because kidney patients have quite a number of restrictions on what they can or cannot eat, as well as how much fluid they can consume per day. It is my role as a Dietitian to guide them accordingly. What inspires me is not about how many patients I get to help, but patients who tell me that they have learnt something from me and subsequently make changes in their dietary habits. This motivates me to continue giving my best to them.

Allied Health Services

Ngui Jie Min Jasmine

The most meaningful part of my job is to be able to help patients improve their quality of life. Putting what I have learnt into practice makes me feel that I can add value to patients’ lives and by doing that, I get a chance to contribute back to the society and make a difference. What inspires me greatly are our patients’ determination and positive attitude. By knowing that we are making their lives easier and happier and watching them learn, grow, get better and stronger, motivates me to come to work every day.

Allied Health Services

Tan Chwee Khim Pauline

The nurse-patient relationship in haemodialysis treatment is a long term one because we see the patients three times a week, over many years, until they undergo a kidney transplant or succumb to the illness. I believe that haemodialysis treatment, when executed with holistic care in a patient-centric approach, will allow my patients to live longer and better. The greatest satisfaction in my work is journeying with chronic patients and cheering them on to live their life well or fulfil their ambitions. Currently, I am working in the Nursing Training and Education department where I am responsible for imparting knowledge, skills and passion to the next generation of nurses. My hope is that they will grow to become the best dialysis nurses in our field.

Nursing Services

Ong Xue Fen Keeley

I have always wanted a job that is involved with both Healthcare and Social Work. I was over the moon when I was offered a job at the NKF because the work in NKF straddles between these two industries. Working in NKF has given me great sense of satisfaction, knowing that we can assist patients to ease their worries financially. Seeing how patients benefit from our holistic support is very fulfilling. I love how my work impacts and makes a difference, not only to patients’ life, but also a difference to the patients’ families.

Community Care

Sng Jie Yi

Working in NKF is not only about carrying out my duty as a nurse, but also building good relationships with all my patients. Every patient has their own story to share, but I occasionally find that my offer to help is rejected because the patient doesn’t recognise that they are struggling or simply because they wish to be left alone with their thoughts and feelings. In NKF, I have learned that listening is important in communicating with patients and it is a responsible nursing practice which requires concentration of all the senses for the perception of verbal and non-verbal messages emitted by each patient. It is important to find ways for patients to express their feelings because this can help them to release built-up tensions and find out that they are not alone. At the end of each day, seeing a smile on the patients’ faces is what keeps me motivated as a dialysis nurse.

Nursing Services

Yoong Shu Hua

In the beginning, many of my friends would pity my choice to work for a non-profit organisation but the fact is that a non-profit organisation can offer fantastic opportunities for individuals who are willing to work hard to make the world a better place. NKF has exposed me to the lives of kidney patients and what each of them has to go through, in order to stay alive. Through my interaction with kidney patients, I have learnt to treasure what I have in life; instead of complaining about what I do not have, I have started to try to make the best of what I have been given. My work has also unlocked new experiences for me such as learning to interact with volunteers from all walks of life. The volunteers whom I have met in NKF are amazing individuals who are compassionate and committed towards kidneys patients. Our patients are just strangers to them, but the volunteers are willing to go the extra mile to support and care for them. I strongly encourage my peers to join me in working for a non-profit organisation such as NKF because I have benefited much from my work as a Volunteer Manager. The challenges inherent in this field ensure that those working in it are constantly able to find motivation and keep working towards their goals. Simply put, knowing that we can create an impact on the health of others is something that fills me with pride and a sense of personal satisfaction. My biggest reward now is that through my work, I can influence more people to come forward and volunteer with NKF to help kidney patients who are in need.

Donor & Volunteer Management