Brotherly Love


“I can survive one kidney, why not donate a kidney to him?” – Chua Hin

Mr Tay Ah Jong, 55, did not expect to contract kidney failure at the age of 52 and he was shocked when the doctor told him so.

While in the hospital, Ah Jong received a visit from his brother-on-law, Chuan Hin, 46.  He was amazed when Chuan Hin offered to donate a kidney to him. Ah Jong recalled, ” I felt immeasurably grateful and indebted to Chuan Hin.  Such an altruistic gesture is in line with Chuan Hin’s character. He has always been a very kind and giving person”.
Chuan Hin chose to donate his kidney to Ah Jong as the latter had been like an older brother to him while growing up.  Not only did Ah Jong help him and his siblings with their school work, he also took them on many excursions.

mr-tay-ah-jong-_-brother“When I visited Ah Jong in the hospital, I was shocked to see him so weak and frail. I could not bear to see him go through the suffering of dialysis.  As he had helped me so much since we were young, I feel it is time to do something for him. Besides, it is not every day that one get to save a life.”



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