Bringing music and love to our patients

“The TENG Gives Back programme is The TENG Company’s initiative to enliven those who are ill or in need of comfort with music. It seemed like a no brainer as we were a group of musicians, and I personally had been volunteering with NKF for quite some time.

The evergreen tunes such as Ai Pin Cai Hui Ying, Shanghai Tan and Bengawan Solo are crowd-pleasers. They often evoke memories for some of the patients. We have had patients who will openly share these memories of their loved ones with us during the performance. Some have even teared up mid-performance.

It is an enriching experience both ways as both patients and volunteers enjoy the music and learn from each other. Some patients also share their own musical journeys. Some were from opera troupes, some play traditional instruments as well.

I would encourage others to give back as my own experience has been life-changing. Open your heart and be always ready to give. Personally, I feel the happiest when the NKF patients ask us when’s the next time we are coming back to play music for them. ”

Ms Nancy Ong
Head of Outreach, The TENG Company TENG Gives Back – Connecting Patients over their Love of Music