Becoming a Beacon of Hope

photo_gan_03Mr Gan Ah Soy, 68, is our patient advocate who is actively volunteering his time to motivate and inspire his fellow peers.

Mr Gan regretted his unhealthy eating habits when he was younger. In his youth, he was an enterprising individual and made a living through his automobile business. With his affluent lifestyle, he was diagnosed with high blood pressure in his early 50s. He did not control his diet or take medication prescribed to him regularly. This eventually led to his kidneys failing and he started dialysis in 2006.

He was on peritoneal dialysis at a private dialysis centre but eventually switched to haemodialysis after being hospitalised due to multiple infections. These frequent hospitalisations heavily strained his finances.

He is very grateful to NKF for providing him with quality dialysis and holistic care. As NKF’s beneficiary, Mr Gan also believes in contributing back to society. Hence, he regularly volunteers his time not just with NKF as an advocate, but also with different organisations such as hospitals and temples.

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