Tender Results

Reference NoDescriptionSuccessful Vendor
20170101Tender For The Supply and Delivery of Disposable Gloves To NKF

1. Global Pharma Pte Ltd
2. Pan-Malayan Pharmaceuticals Pte Ltd
3. ABT Medical Products Pte Ltd


Tender for the supply and delivery of high flux dialyser for haemodialysis treatment

DKSH Singapore Pte Ltd


Tender for the supply and delivery of Liquid Concentrate for bicarbonate Dialysis, 5 liter can/bag

B Braun Singapore Pte Ltd


Tender for the construction of new dialysis centre located at Blk 761 Woodlands Avenue 6

Core Building Specialists

20160702Tender For The Supply and Delivery of: 1) Sterile AVF/AVG Commencement Pack and 2) Sterile AVF/AVG Conclusion Pack To NKF

Global Pharma Pte Ltd


Tender for the provision of wheelchair accessible vehicles for transporting patients to and fro dialysis centre and home

No award of contract

20160501Tender For The Provision of Bio Hazardous Waste Collection and Safe Disposal Services to NKF

Aroma Chemical Pte Ltd

20160301Tender for the Provision of Laboratory Services to NKF

Quest Laboratories Pte Ltd

20160204Tender for the Supply and Delivery of Sodium Chloride 0.9% Solution, 1Litre, 500ml, 100ml and Intravenous Administration Set to NKF

1. Joyson Pte Ltd
2. Bion Advance Pte Ltd

20160201Tender For The Supply and Delivery of Low Molecular Weight Heparin, Injectable Form

Pfizer Pte Ltd


Tender for the Supply and Delivery of
1) Blood Tubing Set with Drainage Bag,
2) Arterial Venous Fistula Needles, 15G and 16G &
3) Sterile Recirculation Tube to NKF

1. Omni Med Marketing Pte Ltd
2. Bion Advance Pte Ltd

20160203Tender for Contractual Cleaning Service with the Provision of Toiletries Consumables & Sanitary Items for NKF HQ, Dialysis Centres & NKF Store for a Period of 2 years

Exceltec Property Management


Tender For The Supply and Delivery of Dry Cartridge Bicarbonate Powder For On-line Bicarbonate Preparation, BP/EP/USP Grade to NKF

Baxter Healthcare (Asia) Pte Ltd


Tender For The Supply and Delivery of High Flux Dialyser For Haemodialysis Treatment to NKF

Omni-Med Marketing (S) Pte Ltd


Tender For The Proposed Kidney Dialysis Centre at the 1st Storey of Block 840 Yishun Street 81, Singapore

E.ID Projects


Tender For The Proposed Community Wellness, Health Screening and Peritoneal Dialysis Centre at Blk 109 Whampoa Road, Singapore

Core Building Specialists


Tender For The Supply, Delivery, Installation and Commissioning of One Hundred and Twelve (112) units of Haemodialysis Machines to NKF

Fresenius Medical Care S’pore Pte Ltd


Tender For The Provision of Ambulance Services For Transporting Patients To and Fro Dialysis Centre and Home

1. Royal Ambulance Services
2. IM Ambulance Services Pte Ltd
4. Lentor Ambulance Pte Ltd
5. Ambulance Medical Services Pte Ltd
6. S’pore Ambulance & Medicare
7. Civic Healthcare Pte Ltd


Tender For The Supply and Delivery of Non Calcium, Non Aluminium Phosphate Binder: Lanthanum Bicarbonate or Sevelamer Bicarbonate to NKF

LF Asia Distribution


Tender For The Supply And Delivery Of Bundling Of Sodium Chloride 0.9%, 1Litre, 500ml And Intravenous Administration Set To NKF

Null and Void