Invitation to Tender

  • Title
    Tender for Twenty-four (24) Months Term Contract for Security Services at the National Kidney Foundation
  • Reference No
  • Posting Date
    23 September 2019, Monday
  • Closing Date & Time
    10 October 2019, Thursday , 1500 Hours
  • Tender Box No
    Tender Box A
  • Corrigendum
    Amendment was made to Annex 1A & 1B – Price Schedule.
    Please note the change in the last column of Annex 1A. It should be “Total amount for 24 months” and NOT 30 months.


Standard Tender Documents

Tenderers should also submit the following standard tender documents along with the above.

Security Deposits

Tenderers shall adhere to one (1) of the below specimens for Security Deposit as requested under Conditions of Contract; Clause 9.1 upon successful award of the tender;