Singapore Health Quality Service Award
15 January

NKF’s Nursing Infection Control Task Force and Transport Task Force received the Best Team Award – ILTC’s Clinical Practice Improvement and Service Initiative Improvement respectively – for their exemplary efforts in improving patient experience and clinical practice.

Healthcare Humanity Award
25 April

Senior Staff Nurse Ms Lai Siew Fung; caregivers Ms Jasmine Chen Zhenjing, Madam Rokiah Binte Atnen and Madam Teo Hwee Choo; and volunteer Mr Joseph Chan personify the values of care, compassion and dedication to improve the lives of kidney patients.

Ministry of Health’s Nurses’ Merit Award
17 July

NKF nurses Ms Kumaresan Shanmugapriya and Ms Aguilar Abarientos Alma were honoured for their passion, dedication and compassion in serving kidney patients.


Singapore Health Quality Service Award
30 January

Our nursing team were recognised for delivering quality care and excellent service to patients – (Gold) Ms Jamilah Binte Jantan, (Silver) Ms Christine Eu Chiow Khuan, Ms Saritha Kattadichira Mani, Mr Kumaresan Shanmugapriya, Ms Su Xiaoping, Ms Doi Ling, Ms Bulalacao Girlie Gamboa, Ms Amy Toh Lay Hwee, Mr Vimal Alex and Ms Naw Eh Moo Paw. NKF PD Community Support Team received the Best Team Merit Award – Service Initiative Improvement.

Ministry of Health’s Nurses’ Merit Award
18 July

Ms Cui Jiao and Ms Su Xiaoping were honoured for their dedication and outstanding contributions in nursing care. They are a manifestation of our nurses’ commitment and compassion towards our kidney patients.

Singapore HR Awards
– Leading HR Practices (Special Mention) in Corporate Social Responsibility
– Leading HR Practices in Employment Engagement, Alignment and Workplace Harmony

20 July

The awards epitomise our efforts to strive for excellence in human resource and people management practices.

Charity Council
– Special Commendation Award for Clarity of Strategy
– Charity Transparency Award

29 November

These awards are a testament of our efforts in strategic planning for the future and practicing good corporate governance.


Singapore Health Quality Service Award
18 January

Nursing team comprising Ms Chua Chor Quek, Ms Angie Chua Siew Fang, Ms Jamilah Binte Jantan, Ms Corazon Dungan Eriguel, Ms Christine Eu Chiow Khuan, Ms Kumaresan Shanmugapriya and Ms Pagsinohin Baito Marlyn, received one of the highest accolades for their efforts in reducing infection rates at 5 dialysis centres from 7.14 per 100 patient-months to 1.23 in just one year – lower than the overall average of around 2.31.

Healthcare Humanity Award
25 April

Combining a caring and cheerful disposition with diligence in providing psychosocial and emotional support to patients and their families, our Senior Social Worker Ms Wang Junmei exemplifies extraordinary dedication and compassion in her work.

Ministry of Health’s Nurses’ Merit Award
7 July

Ms Cao Min and Ms Judy Zhang Xia were honoured for their noble and dedicated work in nursing. They are a testament of our nurses’ care and compassion for needy kidney patients.

Singapore HEALTH Award – Merit 
10 October

NKF was honoured with the Health Promotion Board’s merit award for promoting workplace health and enhancing the well-being of employees.


Singapore Health Quality Service Award
26 January

NKF’s Patient Advocacy & Rehabilitation Department was recognised for progressively increasing the amount of psychosocial support for dialysis and pre-dialysis patients through various programmes and services.

Singapore Health Inspirational Patient & Caregiver Award
15 April

Kidney patients Mr Chan Joseph and Mr Koh Seng Chye received the Award for not only showing courage, strength and resilience, but inspiring fellow patients to improve their lives.

Healthcare Humanity Award
6 May

Nurse Ms Jamilah Bte Jantan’s win exemplifies her values of courage, commitment, selflessness and compassion in her work to improve patients’ lives.

HRD – Top HR Teams
13 June

HRD Singapore, under Key Media, a company which delivers content through various multimedia channels across the Asia-Pacific Region and North America, has listed NKF in the Top HR Teams 2016 for our efforts in building a safe and inclusive environment where differences are valued, abilities are recognised and potential is developed.

Ministry of Health’s Nurses’ Merit Award
19 July

This is the second year running that two NKF nurses, Ms Lucy Lu and Ms Lai Siew Fung, were honoured for their dedicated work to achieve excellence in patient care.

AON Best Employers
– Singapore Awards
– Special Recognition for Voluntary Welfare Organisation

31 August

NKF were awarded for its commitment towards effective people practice and business management for long-term success and sustainability.

Charity Council
– Special Commendation Award for Risk Management
– Charity Transparency Award

28 September

These recognitions endorse of our efforts to constantly improve in the areas of governance, accountability and transparency.

HR Excellence Awards
– Gold for Excellence in Employee Healthcare
– Silver for Excellence in Compensation & Benefits Strategy

19 October

These Awards are a testament of NKF’s contributions in achieving excellence in our business goals and Human Resource strategies and keeping our people happy and healthy.


Healthcare Humanity Award
27 April

Director of Medical Services, Dr Mooppil Nandakumar, was recognised as an inspirational role model, personifying the values of courage, extraordinary dedication, selflessness, steadfastness in ethics and humanity.

HR Asia Recruitment Awards
– Gold for Best Diversity & Inclusion Strategy
– Silver for Best Employer Brand Development

28 May

The recruitment awards acknowledge companies from around Asia-Pacific, leading the way in talent acquisition strategy and execution, raising recruitment standards and inspiring excellence. The Awards recognise our continuous efforts in creating an inclusive work environment and raising our standards in renal care.

Ministry of Health’s Nurses’ Merit Award
24 July

For the first time, two NKF nurses, Ms Sadanandan Arockia Sophia and Ms Swarna Lakshmi Jaidave, were honoured since the Award started in 1976. They were recognised for demonstrating consistent and outstanding performance to promote the nursing profession.

HR Excellence Award
– Gold for Excellence in Workplace Well-Being
– Bronze for Excellence in Employee Engagement

19 October

NKF’s win is a testament of our unwavering efforts to always have a happy, healthy and engaged workforce through excellent human resource and human capital management. This translates to serving our patients better and improving their quality of life.


Singapore HEALTH Award – Gold
10 March

NKF has always been committed to encouraging staff to adopt a healthy lifestyle and promoting staff’s well-being through various Workplace Health Programmes.

TAFEP Exemplary Employer Award
– Special Mention Award in Outstanding Leadership in Supporting Fair Employment Practices
28 April

This is a testament of our continuing efforts in taking a pro-active role in advocating and adopting progressive HR policies. NKF remains committed in building a considerate and vibrant workplace, enhancing fairness through open communications as well as a diverse workforce.

Ministry of Health’s Nurses’ Merit Award
6 August

Ms Jamilah Bte Jantan was recognised for her consistent and outstanding performance. She participated in professional advancement courses and has made contributions to promote a professional image of nursing.

2 December

Director of IT Department Ms Catherine Goh was honoured for her outstanding performance for being responsible for information management and security to ensure business continuity, minimise business risks and maximise business opportunities for her work at NKF.


Ministry of Health’s Nurses’ Merit Award
3 July

Ms Wong Kin Nen’s win is a reflection of her outstanding and consistent performance and dedication to the nursing profession.