Whistle Blowing Policy

The Whistle Blowing policy aims to provide a means through which employees or members of the public could, in good faith, report any activity that infringes on NKF’s code of conduct or violates the law so that the organisation may take up relevant action.

The Policy is intended to cover serious concerns that could have a significant impact on NKF, including those that:

  1. involve fraudulent activity;
    NKF maintains a zero tolerance policy towards fraud.The Fraud Reporting Policy applies to any irregularity or suspected irregularity that involves all NKF employees, including part-time, temporary and contract employees.
  2. may lead to incorrect financial reporting;
  3. are unlawful;
  4. are not in line with NKF code of conduct; or
  5. would otherwise amount to serious improper or unethical conduct

No employee or member of public who in good faith reports a violation shall suffer harassment, retaliation or adverse employment consequence. Reports of violations or suspected violations will be kept confidential to the extent possible, consistent with the need to conduct an adequate investigation.

The Policy encourages the individuals who make the report to put their names and contact details to complaints in order to facilitate appropriate follow-up and investigation. Complaints lodged anonymously would, subject to the Policy, be investigated.

If employees or members of the public have cause to suspect serious concerns relating to financial reporting, unethical or illegal conduct, a report should be made through telephone, by e-mail or by postal mail to any one of the following:

Telephone Number : 65062140
Email : whistleblowing@nkfs.org

Upon the reporting by either telephone or email, the following persons shall receive an email notification. Alternatively, you may wish to lodge a report directly to any of the listed personnel via their individual email address:

  1. Mr Koh Poh Tiong, Board Chairman
    Email: pohtiong.koh@nkfs.org
  2. Mr Johnny Heng, Chairman, Audit & Risk Committee
    Email: johnny.heng@nkfs.org
  3. Dr Daniel Chia, Member, Audit & Risk Committee
    Email: daniel.chia@nkfs.org
  4. Mr Keith Ng Peng Khian, Member, Audit & Risk Committee
    Email: keith.ng@nkfs.org
  5. Ms Wan Mei-Kit, Member, Audit & Risk Committee
    Email: meikit.wan@nkfs.org
  6. Mr Lim Wei Wei, Internal Auditor, Baker Tilly Consultancy (S) Pte. Ltd
    Email: wwlim@bakertillytfw.com