Charity Transparency Award

NKF was a recipient of the inaugural Charity Transparency Award and was conferred the Special Commendation Award for Risk Management, from the Charity Council.

The Charity Transparency Awards are a part of the broader scheme of the Charity Governance Awards that are an initiative by the Charity Council. They aim to promote good governance in the charity sector by acknowledging the excellent work of charities, while inspiring others to emulate their best practices.

To recognise charities with good disclosure practices, all charities that meet the qualifying standards in disclosure under the Charity Transparency Framework will receive the new Charity Transparency Awards.

(Source: Charity Council)

“[Good governance] requires a thorough review and an openness to embrace necessary changes to the way we used to do things, including breaking long established habits. The greatest challenge is to move an organisation to a risk-aware, and eventually risk-mature, organisation. This is the right thing to do and we stay on course until we succeed.

NKF Chairman, Mr. Koh Poh Tiong