A kidney patient who is full of life

Madam Yip Fong Kuen, 73, is a boisterous lady who lights up the room with her smile and infectious laughter. However, she was a lot less lively a few months back when she was struggling to get around. As an avid cook, she found herself struggling to make the trip to the wet market near her place. She felt frustrated being cooped up at home, yet she felt anxious whenever she was out alone. The lack of social interaction with others took a toll on her as she was a naturally extroverted person.

I enjoy my OT and exercise sessions! My walking is a lot steadier now and I am able to go about my daily activities more easily. I like staying active so this has been a great help to me!

– Madam Yip Fong Kuen
who is determined to age actively


Fortunately, a nurse at the dialysis centre noticed her unsteady gait. She quickly referred Madam Yip to NKF’s rehab team. Our multi-disciplinary care team came in to provide her with practical tips to improve her activities of daily living (ADL), as well as exercises that help strengthen her lower limbs. Madam Yip’s outgoing personality shines at these sessions, as she readily takes to instructions and pushes herself through difficult tasks. Her positive attitude and ability to learn fast has resulted in her making excellent progress in her gait since she began the sessions.

These days, Madam Yip does not let her age slow her down. She is back to her chatty old self, and has even started to develop a liking for exercise! She attends exercise sessions at the nearby Residents’ Committee (RC) almost daily and also volunteers as a secretary at the Women’s Executive Committee.

Did you know?


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  • 312 needles inserted in a year
  • Permanent lumps and scars on arm (fistula)
  • Fluid intake restricted to less than a 1,000ml a day