7 day no sugary drink challenge

NKF’s 7-day No Sugary Drinks Challenge aims to encourage good dietary choices and imbue in our youth the values of compassion and empathy. Students pledged to not consume any sugary drinks for 7 days and were paired up with a classmate to be each other’s, accountability partner. Partners kept each other in check and reinforced the commitment to abstain from the sugary drinks. Students were given the option to donate their money saved from the drinks to help needy kidney patients. Over $34,000 was raised through this initiative over a period of two months with the support from 10 educational institutions.

I don’t usually buy drinks and snacks. My little brother does, but he stopped when he heard about this challenge. He donated the money he saved to NKF!

– Rifa Adriana Binte Mustaffa
Madrasah Alsagoff Al-Arabiah

Tips to avoid sugary drinks!


Have a glass of plain water when you feel the urge to quench your thirst with something. The water will fill you up and hopefully put you off getting another drink.


Some of us have developed the habit of having a sweet drink after a meal. Try having unsweetened fruit tea or sparkling water instead.


Get enough sleep! Sugary drinks provide us with a surge of energy that some people develop a reliance on. However they tend to suffer a crash later on. Get a good night’s sleep in to avoid these sugar cravings.