Education & Prevention

NKF recognises the importance of education and how values, healthy lifestyles, compassion, and an entrepreneurial spirit can and should be developed from an early stage.
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Kidney Transplant

Kidney transplant or renal transplant is the process where a kidney is surgically removed from a donor and implanted into the patient. The patient may receive a kidney from a family member, a spouse or a close friend. They are known as living-related donors.
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Dialysis Care

Peritoneal dialysis (PD) is an alternative treatment to haemodialysis. A special sterile fluid is introduced into the abdomen through a permanent tube that is placed in the peritoneal cavity.
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Nutritional information for kidney disease prevention and treatment.



Discover the path towards a functional body.



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Upcoming Events

  • May 13
Kidney Care Conference Singapore 2017 – Integrated Kidney Care

Kidney Care Conference Singapore 2017 – Integrated Kidney Care

The Kidney Care Conference Singapore 2017 will focus on Integrated Kidney Care, providing a platform for the renal community to share and exchange valuable insights. The conference encompasses symposiums by doctors, nurses and allied health professionals an...
  • Jan 28
NKF Donation Draw 2017

NKF Donation Draw 2017

Support needy kidney patients and stand chances to win attractive cash vouchers! By contributing $2 for the purchase of 1 draw coupon, you are entitled to 1 chance of winning a prize. Dialysis is essential for sustaining life Every 5 hours, there is 1...
  • Oct 1
The Art of Giving – NKF Charity Auction 2017

The Art of Giving – NKF Charity Auction 2017

The “Art of Giving” features exclusive art pieces which have been specially created or donated by the artists for The National Kidney Foundation. This collection encompasses diverse works from contemporary oil on canvas to traditional Chinese calligraphy and p...



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